Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The US 12 Heritage Trail

The US 12 Heritage Trail takes us down the road, around the bend and through the portal of time. At the end of our journey, we will arrive at a place called perspective. And that really is the value of history. It gives depth and meaning to our lives, and enriches our sense of purpose. It gives us direction.

If we could view a reverse time lapse film of the celebrated road and go back in time past generations of styles and architecture, past Model A’s and T’s, past parades of soldiers from war to war, past stagecoach and Indians and early pioneer, past buffalo and traveling herds of deer all the way back to unsettled forest and prairie where the natural landscape is undisturbed. If we could go back there, would we too imagine the possibilities of this great land? Would we settle and build a nest? Would we plan a highway from east to west?

Cameron S. Brown, Michigan Senator July 2006

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